Lincoln Park Jewish Center

Community Eruv

Eruv Map 1000ft area (red).jpg


  • Lincoln Park Jewish Center Eruv Boundaries (August 1, 2017) starting at 311 Central Park Avenue synagogue
  • West side of Central Park Avenue, inside of the telephone poles, running south to the intersection of Forest Avenue
  •  Forest Avenue at Central Park Avenue, west to Hancock Avenue
  • North on Hancock Avenue from Forest Avenue to Lawton Avenue
  • West on Lawton Avenue, until McLean Avenue
  • East on McLean Avenue, until Midland Avenue
  • North on Midland Avenue, past Tibbetts Brook Park, until Valentine Avenue
  • East on Valentine Avenue, until Seminary Avenue
  • South on Seminary Avenue, until Yonkers Avenue
  • East on Yonkers Avenue from Seminary Avenue, to Central Park Avenue
  • South on WEST side of Central Park Avenue, until arriving at Lincoln Park Jewish Center at 311 Central Park Avenue